Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sauteed Green Beans in Butter and Garlic with Macadamia Nuts and "The Jimmer"

I remember sitting at the table as a kid waiting to say a prayer on the dinner.   Then passing the food around the table.  I always cringed when the green beans were passed my way.   But, I'm an artist, I can't have my plate be only two colors right?  Usually roast with potatoes.  So I reluctantly would put the green beans on my plate.
They were canned.
Which are fine, sometimes still, but I never knew the glory of the true, fresh green bean till my later years.  It wasn't just my family who ate canned green beans, everyone I knew had them.  I associated all green beans to the canned green beans.    Then one day I had fresh delicious, aldente green beans.  Beautiful creatures, let me pop you my mouth!  Muaaahah haha!
 So here is to the fresh green bean that changed my world!  I have used other nuts with this dish but I decided to use Macadamia nuts because they have such a beautiful crunch in your mouth,  Added with the crunch of the green bean, Oh my.


1 1b. Fresh Green Beans, Trimmed.
1/4 cup butter (or olive oil is fine too)
2 cloves of garlic, minced
salt and pepper
1/3 cup of Macadamia nuts, chopped

Trim the stick end of the green beans, so fresh so delicious!

Macadamia nuts.....

Chop em' well!

Melt the butter and add the Green beans over medium heat.  Keep turning them so you don't burn the bottom ones.  It will probably take 5-8 minutes to cook them aldente, taste test them until you reached your desired donness.

About a minute before you think they are done add your minced garlic, 

Place the green beans on a plate and pour the dripping over them.....yummm...

then garnish with chopped macadamia's... you can't get much better than that!

My husband said this side was worth 7.99.  But with the grilled Cheese with it...well we'll see

"The Jimmer"
Grilled Cheese and Brisket Sandwich
I actually took this picture, you can see good ole' Jimmer, number 32!  This was the game against San Diego State....oh what a game!

Who doesn't love Jimmer Fredette?  Seriously, the guy is awesome he totally deserves a sandwich named after him.  My husband and I were lucky to be able to see him play at the Marriott center a few times this year, and he did not dissapoint!  I just love that Jimmer.  But not in that way of course, my husband is kind of jealous and he actually asked me to cut his hair like Jimmer's the other day!  I loved it!  Sometimes I pretend like Jimmer is going to come over for dinner, and I'll say to Bryce, "Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, Jimmer is coming over for Dinner tonight!  I better clean the house!"  So if he were to come over , I would make him this, and tell him I call it "the JImmer", so here is to you Jimmer Fredette!
    I take sandwich making very seriously.  So  I decided to use the texas brisket that my parents gave us for christmas and put it to some use.  So if you want to switch the meat for anything else seeing as brisket isn't the most readily available style of meat around.  Feel free.   

2 slices of good bread
cream cheese
dijon mustard (I have this special kind of mustard I got from a french deli, it is walnut mustard)
tomatoes, sliced
thinly sliced red onion.
good melting white cheese, I used Tilamook Monterey Jack
and meat, I used brisket

Spread Cream cheese on both slices of bread
then spread the mustard over the cream cheese.
place your cheese sliced on both sides of bread (you do this so it melts faster)
then you add your tomatoes, onion, spinach and meat.  
 Grill it using a panini press, or right on the stove....if you do it on the stove put a lid over it and use low heat, that way the cheese melts with out burning your bread.


The sandwich was 10.99!  That is expensive!  I was pretty happy with that, my husband said it was his favorite.


  1. The Jimmer looks fabulous!!

  2. I blogged about your stir-fry lettuce wraps last month. Did you see?

    Can't wait for your next recipe. I think you're amazing!